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Nourishing and revitalizing mask with bioactive colostrum bovinum and mare's milk for all skin types. Nourishing and revitalizing COLOSTRIGEN R mask is one of the unique products for people who want to preserve beautiful skin. The mask provides intensive skin care by combining the unique properties of bioactive ingredients contained in colostrum bovinum, the beneficial properties of mare's milk known from ancient times and the strong moisturizing effect of hyaluronic acid. The highest quality colostrum bovinum used in COLOSTRIGEN R is obtained during the first two hours after delivery, so it is a unique, the richest source of concentrated, natural substances that cause the effect of quick regeneration, deep reconstruction and rejuvenation of the skin. Extremely beneficial effects of mare's milk for the skin is based on vitamins, mineral salts and albumin proteins. Thanks to the unique properties of mare's milk, the skin stays brightened, moisturized and greased.

calcium - participates in the synthesis of collagen

orotic acid (vitamin B13) - accelerates the skin renewal process and stimulates the growth of new cells,

lactic acid - narrows the pores, lightly whitens and exfoliates the skin

essential fatty acids - they soothe inflammatory processes in the skin, prevent excessive water loss, lubricate and smooth the skin

hyaluronic acid - has strong moisturizing properties, thus guarantees proper hydration, the skin becomes smooth, soft and elastic

proteins - stimulate the production of collagen and elastin

The  COLOSTRIGEN R mask should be applied in the evening as a thin layer on the washed and dried skin of the face and neck. The mask is absorbed during the night and the skin becomes soft and delicate. There is no need to wash skin after application of the mask. The best results are obtained if Colostrigen R cream or oral preparations containing lyophilizated colostrum bovinum: Colostrum Colostrigen capsules or Colostrum Colostrigen sachets are used simultaneously.

- inhibits skin aging,

- provides the skin with numerous nutrients with high concentration,

- stimulates and supports the regeneration of skin cells,

- intensively moisturizes the skin and deeper layers of skin,

- restores skin elasticity and suppleness,

- soothes irritations and strengthens the natural defenses of the skin.

Product has been tested in the laboratory.

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